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The Bulletproof Autosports story started in 2005. Our racing and performance philosophy includes four basic foundation concepts:

* Protecting your Life

* Protecting your investment

* Protecting the Environment

* Managing your Insurance Cost

Lamborghini Diablo Side


We knew that there had to be a better way to approach this issue. There had to be a better way to protect the glass and paint surfaces, protecting the passengers, maintaining value, protecting our natural resources and helping keep your maintenance cost as low as possible for as long as you own your vehicle. Our environmental approach is based on looking for solutions, not punishment. Finding common sense preventitive solutions that allow you to have more freedom to enjoy your vehicle and lifestyle while being environmentally responsible.

Yeah, we think that is pretty important.

Our focus is protecting the total exterior surface of your vehicle. We all wax and polish, but what about the most fragile part of your vehicle's exterior, your windshield?



Bentley Mulsanne Front

You're proud of your vehicle and have taken every precaution to protect it, or have you? Your car's windshield and paint surface is constantly at risk from road debris and objects tossed up from the road by other vehicles, so it's not a matter of if you will have an object hit your vehicle, but when it will happen!




Protect the most fragile part of your vehicle, the windshield, with Bulletproof Windshield Protectant and take that same philosophy to your vehicle's paint surface with Bulletproof Ultimate Paint Sealant.




Bulletproof Windshield Protectant and Bulletproof Ultimate Paint Sealant are the finest vehicle surface protectants on the planet!