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Bulletproof Autosports approachesenvironmental issues from a common sense perspective. As a matter of fact, you could actually say that we are"common sense green".We believe we should all be responsible with what we have and do what we can. We are looking for solutions, not punishment, prevention, not reaction.

We are replacing windshield glass at an alarming rate. While there are times when windshield replacement is the only option,damaged windshields get thrown into our landfills, so damage prevention and chip / crack repair are the environmentally responsible options.

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Fact:Over 11,000,000 windshields are damaged in the U.S. each year, but only 10% to 12% (just over one million) of those are currently repaired. The rest end up in landfills like the one pictured above.


Fact:Windshield safety glass is not easily recyclable and does not deteriorate in landfills.


Fact:Safety glass currently comprises over 10% of our landfill space.


Fact:Almost one million windshields are added to our landfills every 30 to 40 days! That is approximately 19 windshields per min. going into our landfills!


Protect the environment by keeping non-recyclable safety glass out of the landfills. Don?t just replace your windshield,do your best to protect and keep your factory windshield!


Bulletproof Windshield Protectantis your perfect "common sense green" option to protect the environment.