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BulletProof Windshield Protectant is highly water repellent, providing a safer driving experience in all wet weather conditions. Rain just beads off the surface of your windshield. You can see clearer even in the hardest of rains. At interstate speeds, you seldom even have to use your wipers. The super slick surface also helps improve the life of your wipers because there is less surface friction. Also, Ice and Snow are easily removed from a Windshield Protectant treated surface.


Surface pitting is reduced and/or eliminated, providing clearer vision in all driving conditions. This also increases the life of your windshield and helps keep your vehicle looking newer.



Audi R8 Front







Fact: Preserving your manufacturer-installed windshield is always your best safety option.


Fact: The strength of your vehicle’s passenger compartment relies on the windshield to stay in place, thus helping to keep the roof from collapsing during a rollover.


An ABC 20/20 expose on windshield glass safety shows the importance of properly installed or replaced windshields. Go to:


Fact: Passenger safety relies on proper airbag deployment in an accident. The windsheild is key in keeping the airbags in the vehicle and in place after deployment. If the windshield “pops out” during airbag deployment, the airbag’s safety effect is drastically reduced.


You want to keep and maintain your factory windshield. If it must be replaced, use a reputable windshield glass intaller that is trained in the proper methods of handling and installation. Then protect your new windshield, keeping it looking new and protecting it from road debris with BulletProof Windshield Protectant!.


BulletProof Windshield Protectant offers you the best opportunity to protect and keep your manufacturer’s windshield. BulletProof Ultimate Paint Sealant offers you the best opportunity to protect your factory paint surface. BulletProof Headlight Lens Protect helps prevent damage from road debris and clouding from UV damage. . .


Everyday driving puts your vehicle in danger of damage from normal road hazards……let BulletProof Autosports be there to protect you from every rock, stone, pebble, grain of sand, road salt, water drop and UV ray of your journey!


Bulletproof Autosports, the finest vehicle surface protectants on the planet!


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